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I Love You with Ms. Susi

See directions for Chemistry of Curds on Week 8 Tab.

Crystals with Ms. Kacy

Chemistry of Curds with Ms. Kacy

Sidewalk Adventures

Experiment with Bubbles

Bubble Experiment

Experiment with bubbles

Try 2 different recipes and compare


1st Recipe

3 cups Water

1/4 cup Dish soap

1/4 cup Corn starch

1/2 T Baking powder

1/2 T Glycerin dissolved in warm water

2nd Recipe

3 cups Water

1/2 cup Dish soap

1/2 cup Light Corn syrup

Add all ingredients to the water. Try to stir slowly as to not form bubbles in the bin. Dip wands and compare which mixture makes the best bubbles. 

Here are some easy to make wand ideas. Compare which works best for you!

Plastic cup:
Punch a hole in the bottom to blow through.
Dip the large open end into the solution and blow.

Plastic water bottles:
Cut the bottom off the bottle and dip.
Use the lid end of the bottle to blow you bubbles.

Pipe cleaners:
You can create just about any shape you like form a pipe cleaner, just make sure you keep a small section as a handle. Try with circles, stars or even triangles. Connect it to a cookie cutter for more shapes. 

Plastic funnel:
This already has a natural shape for a bubble wand. Using the large end to dip and the small end to blow, this is a sure winner


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