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After School Enrichment Class

The Sandy Hill After School Enrichment Class is an after school program for the enrolled Pre-Kindergarten children(MWF) at Sandy Hill Nursery School. The program provides an alternative afternoon activity that will engage the children and enhance their learning experience through a developmentally appropriate, “hands on” approach. We will stay true to Sandy Hill!


The Enrichment Program is an expansion of exploratory learning, and an addition to the well established Sandy Hill curriculum. The activities are geared towards the Pre-K audience and will involve a variety of subject matter, such as: science, art history, physical and cognitive exercises, music and games. The main objective for every one of the activities is that children will learn by doing. The activities will be held in a positive, fun and educational atmosphere where children will also build the skills of working in groups and following 3-5 step directions. The Enrichment Program offers a beneficial opportunity for the eager minds of the children, as well as an additional option in the afternoon hours at Sandy Hill Nursery School.


“Is this another Enrichment class day Mommy?” When Mom said that it wasn’t, Mary responded with a sad face; “Oh, I really liked it. I want to do that again!”


Each week, a new theme (or project) will be explored. In other words, in any given week, the Monday class is the same as the Wednesday class. Each class/lesson is limited to eight children.


The Enrichment Program will be offered every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (unless otherwise listed) for Pre-K children during the school year.  We offer an Art Enrichment program with Miss Erin and a Science Enrichment program with Miss Kacy.
Art:  1:15 - 2:15

Science:  1:15 - 2:00

Cost:  $15.00 per session


The traditional school day will still end at 12:30. Your child will then head down to EDC for a short play time. In other words, enrolling in the Enrichment Program will still allow your child valuable play time during EDC. Once the Enrichment class is over, the teacher will take the children back to EDC for you to pick up at your convenience . You will be charged for EDC less the 45 minutes/1 hour when your child is enjoying the enrichment class with Miss Erin or Miss Kacy. EDC ends at 2:30. When you sign out at EDC please write the time you arrive and place a check in the space provided under the heading “Enrichment Class?”


To register for the enrichment class:
Registration for the enrichment class is done the same way as your participation days. Go to the online calendar and click on Enrichment Class. Please count how many children are already registered. If it is less than 8, feel free to register, following the same steps as you would for your participation days. If there are more than 8 already registered, please choose another day. You may also sign your child up and write (waiting list) next to your child's name.  If there is space when that day comes, your child will be taken to the Enrichment class.  Once you have registered, you will be charged whether your child attends or not. Remember to mark on the sign out sheet for the days your child will be attending enrichment. This way you will not be charged for EDC while your child is enjoying Enrichment.  Enrichment classes will not be held of field trip days.  Field trips are scheduled throughout the year and are not currently on the Enrichment calendar.

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