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Sandy Hill Family Portal

Resources, tools, and information for Sandy Hill families. 

Opportunities to Participate

A key reason families choose Sandy Hill is to be involved in their child's early education experience. Our mission is to provide an enriching and stimulating developmental preschool experience for young children through dedicated and parent participation.


Volunteering is a wonderful way to be involved in the planning and operation of the school as well as your child’s preschool experience. We offer volunteer opportunities within the classroom as well as for the school. While it is not mandatory to volunteer, it is much appreciated by the staff, children, and other families.


Parent Board Meetings

Sandy Hill is run by its families in cooperation with staff. We are governed by the Parent Board and a meeting is held each month that is open to all Sandy Hill Families and Teachers.

Playground App

Sandy Hill uses a program called Playground for attendance, billing, parent communication, mandatory forms, and more.

'23-'24 Calendar Overview


Sep 5 Open House

Sep 6 First Day of School

Sep 7 Thursday Classes Start

Sep 9 Park Playdate

Sep 11 Enrichment Classes Start


Oct 30 Halloween Parade


Nov 6 & 7 Picture Days

Nov 9 SCHOOL CLOSED for Professional Development Day

Nov 10 SCHOOL CLOSED for Veterans Day Holiday

Nov 20-24 SCHOOL CLOSED for Fall Break


Dec 4-8 Family Conferences - No Enrichment Classes

Dec 21 NO EDC

Dec 22 - Jan 5 SCHOOL CLOSED for Winter Break


Jan 15 SCHOOL CLOSED for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Jan 27 Family Potluck Picnic


Feb 19 & 20 SCHOOL CLOSED for President's Day Holiday

Mar 19 SCHOOL CLOSED for Staff Professional Development Day


Apr 1-5 SCHOOL CLOSED for Spring Break

Apr 15- 19 Family Conferences - No EDC or Enrichment Classes

Apr 24 & 25 Student Works Showcase (In Founder's Hall)

April 27 Family Social and Potluck Picnic


May 6-10 Teacher Appreciation Week

May 20-24 Family/Special Friends Celebration Week

May 23 Beach Bonfire Night

May 27 SCHOOL CLOSED for Memorial Day Holiday

Jun 12 Family Park Day & End of Year Celebration - No Enrichment 

Jun 14 Last day of School - No ECD or Enrichment Classes

June 24 - July 26  Summer Camp 

July 29 Teachers return to work for Fall 2024-2025 school year.

August 8 & 9 Meet and Greet with Teachers and Families

August 12 First Day of School


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