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The children in the Pre-Kindergarten program will enjoy 4-5 field trips each school year. They are often planned around a given theme of the month. We visit the Birch Aquarium, Torrey Pines trails, the Monarch Vivarium, Solana Beach Fire Dept. and The Botanic Gardens.


We count on our parents to provide transportation for each of our field trips.


What am I agreeing to as a chaperone during a field trip?


Chaperone’s are volunteers who agree help above and beyond the monthly classroom time. With that said the first parent to “sign-up” as the parent aide on the day of the field trip is given “credit” and will be the designated as the “parent aide” for the day (you will receive credit for the month). If you are the first to sign-up and thus the Parent Aide for the day, you will be responsible for the regular school day duties including but not limited to: assisting with set-up in the morning, clean –up in the morning and the afternoon, snack, the washing of the cups and napkins (if applicable), trash duty and sweeping and vacuuming in and around the classroom.


All chaperone’s will need meet in your child’s classroom and check in with the teacher between 9:00 and 9:30 (earlier if you are the assigned Parent Aide). The teacher will assign children to you at this time. Your small group of children will ride with you in your car. You are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of the children in your car. You will see to it that their car seat or booster seat gets secured in your car to the best of your ability. You are responsible for getting your assigned group situated in your car and you will share the responsibility for them during the field trip (i.e. help in the bathroom, during snack time and while walking the field trip site). You must use the provided car/booster seat and not one you own unless it is approved by the child’s parent.


**All chaperone’s must have a current copy of driver’s license and auto insurance information on file in the school office.


All field trips are for the currently enrolled Pre-k children only. For the safety and wellbeing of our pre-K children, no siblings are permitted to attend field trips.


How do I volunteer to chaperone?


You will refer to the calendar each month. If a field trip is listed, simply enter your name along with the # of children you can accommodate.

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