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As a parent cooperative school, Sandy Hill is founded upon and dependent on the participation of all our members. Parents help support the school in many ways. Enrollment at Sandy Hill requires parents agree to:

  1. Assist in the classroom from 9:00 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. (at least twice monthly for the T/Th classes, at least once monthly for the MWF classes) for the purpose of assisting our teachers and children. Classroom participation sign-up calendar is posted monthly. To ensure the safety of all the children, younger siblings may not attend on the days parents assist in the classroom. If a parent does not show up or find a replacement for their designated day, a $40 charge will be added to their statement. If this becomes a regular occurrence, the family will be called upon to meet with the Board of Directors to discuss further action.

  2. Read and sign last page of “Classroom Expectations”.

  3. Read the Sandy Hill Parent Handbook in its entirety (found on the web:

  4. Attend classroom meeting in August/September to discuss cooping responsibilities.

  5. Attend Parent Orientation for new families only (August date TBD) and Open House w/your child (August date TBD).

  6. Attend 4 Parent Education meetings. Each family is able to miss one meeting. Families will be billed $75 for each meeting missed thereafter.

  7. Whenever possible, attend the parent talks, and social events, as well as chaperone children on field trips. Siblings may not attend the field trips. Refer to school calendar for many predetermined dates.

  8. Arrange for one parent to help for a cleaning party once per year to clean and maintain classrooms. Families may choose to buy out of their cleaning commitment for a $150.00 fee. In an event that a family fails to show up for the cleaning party, the $150.00 fee will automatically be added to their statement.

  9. If you are given a committee job, you must perform the required responsibilities of that committee. If it becomes apparent that these responsibilities are not being met, the committee will be given to the next family on the committee waiting list and your tuition will increase by $50.00 per month.

  10. Complete all required forms on time, pay tuition and fees promptly. A $25.00 late fee will be assessed to all tuition payments received after the 10th of each month.

  11. Have a current TB clearance on file for parent(s) or family member(s) who assist in the classroom.

  12. Purchase two tickets of no more than $50.00 per ticket to the end of the year Social Auction.  Additional guest tickets will be available.

  13. Notify Director in writing within 30 days if you plan on withdrawing your child. Responsible for tuition until the end of the 30 days notice.

  14. Abide by the parking policy. Do not park in any spaces marked NO SANDY HILL PARKING regardless of time posted and by parking in the lower lot on all classroom participation days.

  15. Understand that Sandy Hill is a true Parent Cooperative School. Under Community Care Licensing rules, all parents are permitted to escort children to the bathroom.

  16. Not pack any peanut products or products made in a plant with peanuts in child’s lunch. Be respectful of other allergies in each classroom and refrain from packing any item teacher requests you not to bring.


I have read the PARENT PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT, understand it is subject to change and understand my responsibilities as a member of the Sandy Hill Cooperative.

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