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Weekly Activities for March 30th

Ideas from Ms Kacy


Lego challenge 

Build a sky scraper! How tall can you build it? Taller than your cat, dog, or sibling? Taller than you? Will you have to stand on a chair to build it? Send us a picture. Crash it like an angry giant and build it again. 


Sun Dial






Go out into the yard and find a sunny space with a square foot of dirt, sand, or gravel. Alternatively, you can use hard scape just find a base for next step.

Find a straight stick or use a pencil to push into dirt. You can anchor the stick/pencil with clay, cardboard, tape, or a pot full of dirt. 

Look at the clock and on each daylight hour place a stone where you see the shadow of the stick. 

Extension activity: If you have a compass, mark the North, East, South, and West directions in chalk or more stones. Look at where the shadow is at 12 noon? How can this help you if you don't know what time it is and you have a sunny day? (you can talk about day light savings time, but that might be a lesson for another day)

Here is a template from Ms Frances if you would rather use a plate. You can decorate with paint.


Astronomy app

If you set up camp in the backyard, here is an introduction to the night sky constellations. I like to make up stories about all of the characters.


Fish Frenzy

Fun Number Game

Cut out shapes (I made fish, of course) 

Write one number on each shape. Using 1-6 The numbers on dice. 

Just use one die.


Example: If you rolled a 5, you can pick up shapes with the numbers that equal 5 (2+3 1+4)

or just the shape with the number 5 written on it. 

See who has the most when all the shapes are picked up. 

The more shapes you make, the longer the game. Add more lower numbers to the pile to have more sums. 

Have Sum Fun! 


Science Experiment


Quart ziplock bag

1 T Baking soda


2 T Vinegar (add food coloring if you want)

Safety googles (more fun than necessary, sunglasses work)


Start with a question. What do we need this stuff for? How are we going to use vinegar and baking soda? Why do we need a baggie?

Make your hypothesis

What do you think is going to happen? (You might want to go outside)

Point out the solid- baking soda, and tissue. 

Liquid- vinegar

Wrap fold 1 Tablespoon of baking soda in one ply of a tissue.

Child pours Vinegar into baggie, parents holds. 

Child drops tissue with vinegar into baggie. 

Parent quickly seals baggie. 

Give it a shake. 

Step back, wear your safety goggles, and Observe. 

Conclusion- What did we learn?

Did we create a gas from the chemical reaction of a solid and liquid?

Video to come


Ideas from Ms.Erin


Make a Sunflower   

Seed Counting Chart

-on paper make a number chart 1-10 or higher

-can place or glue that number of seeds in that number space for one-to-one correspondence math exercise

Example from Pinterest


Go on a Scavenger Hunt for things that begin with the letter S: gather or take pictures of the objects and items that you find that start with the letter S. Can make a photo collage and or count all the items you find!



Ideas from Ms. Susi 

See attached instructions below

Making Shaker Eggs

ABC Scavenger Hunt

Numbered Egg Hunt

Play Dough Activity


Suggested reading

You tube 

Cat Secrets by Jef Czeka





Ideas from Ms.Jessica


Family Dinner Party: Help the kids plan a family dinner party! They can pick the menu, help prepare the meal, make invitations with the date, time, and party attire. Gather together and have a fun family dinner party! This is a fantastic way to participate in dramatic play (playing pretend) with your child/children. 


Nature Walk: During our last week of school, we discovered a hummingbird building a nest in one of the pine tees between the bathroom and the playground! Outside of my window at home, there is a pair of hawks building a large nest, and I’m excited to watch for eggs or babies! For this activity, head outside and use all of your senses to see what you can find in nature. Listen to the sounds. How many different types of birds do you hear? Look around. What animals do you see? Do you see any birds flying with sticks in their beaks? They’re working on making a nest! Smell the air! Do you smell flowers yet? Are you close enough to the coast to smell the ocean breeze? 

Nature Name Print: this is one of my favorite activities, and something I had planned for my classes for the Spring! Along your nature walk, gather up some fallen leaves, sticks, or anything else you find in nature that you like and want to use. On a piece of cardboard, cardstock or any kind of paper you have on hand, write your child’s name in large print. Have them glue their nature onto the letters in their name. 
Here’s a link you can use as an example:



Ideas from Ms.Shani


Make a book

Have lots of paper ready.

Write down story as children tell it to you.

Leave room on each page for children to go back and draw pictures.

Once they have finished their story, have them do the illustrations.

If you have a laminating machine it is always fun to laminate and keep forever.

They can also make books for grandparents, friends, etc... and send to them.  

Each story can be about the person they are sending it to.

They make great birthday gifts for loved ones as well.


Sock puppets

Materials can be found from many random items around the house. 

Have kids put on a puppet show with their new puppet friends.

Both of these are great ways to give children an outlet to talk about things they may be feeling.







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