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Weekly Activities for April 13th

Dear Sandy Hill Families,

Our wonderful staff have some great and thoughtful ideas and projects for you to pick from.  Please choose what best fits your child’s and family’s needs. 

As we venture through this uncertain time, we have found that taking a little bit of Sandy Hill home with you can be comforting and a good distraction.

Try to have some extra playtime with your child.  Young children rarely communicate how they are feeling.  Play is a good way for them to communicate with you.  Let them take the lead on where they want to go with this.  It just may be about what is going on in the world right now and that is OK.  “Play is cathartic and helpful for your child.  It is how they process their world and problem solve.”

Please remember to breathe, take it day by day.  We are here to support you.


Ms. Susi


Ms. Susi Activities

 The letter of the week is U u.  We call this the “smiling letter”.


Map of the United States                                                                          Handprint Unicorn                            Rainbow U












Sidewalk Art











Book Suggestion: 

Good Night Unicorn by Karla Oceanak



Ms. Erin Activities

Craft Activity

U is for Unicorn

Unicorn Tracks Craft

- materials: paper, tp roll, glue and glitter

1. Cut and manipulate tp roll into a horseshoe or U shape

2. Dip the tp roll unicorn track shape into glue and stamp on the paper ( as many tracks and patterns as you wish)

3. Sprinkle glitter over the tracks and let sit to dry

4. Once dried, dust off the excess glitter and Voila 

Action Activity

Freeze Dance 

Do a freeze dance game to the Space Unicorn song ( make up a dance: how do you think a Unicorn would dance?? ) here’s a Link to the song







Book Suggestion:  How To Catch A Unicorn by Adam Wallace


Ms. Kacy Activities

I know it is a lot to take on to keep a journal through this but we are all trying to make happy memories through this time. We have been writing down one highlight a day for each family member. If they can't think of one, it is a good time to think about the day and what can be better for tomorrow or reflect on a couple good moments of the day. 



Floating grapes


8-10 T Sugar

Grapes (you can eat them after)

2 Glasses

Dissolve and Compare are the words of the day!

Add sugar to warm water. Stir and watch it DISSOLVE

Have kids pour water in to one glass. This will be your control in the experiment. Kids will COMPARE glasses

Adult pour warm sugar water into glass. 

Make a hypothesis. What do you think is going to happen? (there are no wrong answers)

Drop a grape into each one. 

Observe what happens. 

If both grapes sink, then you need to add more sugar to the water. 

The grape in the sugar water should float. 

The water is more Dense. You can explain that we thickened the water by adding Matter (sugar)

Additional experiment, you can add a 3rd glass and try to get the grape to float in the middle of the glass. 

Sugar water on the bottom 1/2, add grape, slowly add water, pouring over an upside down spoon. Have children watch as they can see the 2 layers mixing in the cup. 

Eat Grapes and use sugar water for homemade lemonade or feed the hummingbirds! 









Grab a cape or a towel.  

Give your self a name and super powers. 

Ask your family what you can do to help. 

Your super power could be making others feel happy, making them laugh, and reminding them the importance of play, even if it is just for 10 mins!

We all need Superheroes right now. 


Plant Parts

April Showers bring May flowers

Use glue to draw roots, stem, leaves, and flower. 

Cover glue with pasta, beans, seeds, beads, tissue paper, yarn, whatever you have to demonstrate the different parts of the plant. 


Draw a wild thing

Fold a piece of paper accordion style horizontally, divide it in 4 equal spaces.

First person draws a head at the top and folds it down and behind so the next person can't see the head. 

Next person draws the body and arms. Then fold it down. Don't peek!

The next person draws upper legs and knees.

Last person draws the lower legs and feet.

Open up, laugh, and name your wild thing.  

Story style Adaptation for older siblings:

Fold the paper accordion-style

The younger kid draws a picture

Older kid writes a description (write a caption for what you see in the drawing)

Next person draws a picture of the description (read to younger players)

Take turns back and forth

Open up and read at the end. 



Ms. Tracy Activities

Spring is on the way and the BEES are BUZZING! 

If you can get out and go for a walk, look for BEES. 

Did you know every Honey Bee you see is a girl! A hive will only have boys(drones) inside to help the Queen.

Watch the BEES.

Do you see the yellow pollen sacks on their back legs?

Can you hear them buzzing from flower to flower?


A BEE can visit over 1000 flowers a day, that is a lot of work but, the best part is they also make Honey!  

BEES pollinate plants, that helps them make flowers and grow fruit and vegetables, so they are important helpers in gardens and on farms.

When you get home you can make your own Bee Family!




·        paper towel roll

·        black marker

·        Wax paper 

·        a piece of yellow paper



Ms. Shani Activities


Roxabaxen is one of my children's favorite books.  Last week was my son's 20th birthday.  We had to be creative.  We made him a scavenger hunt out in nature with various different challenges and activities he had to complete.  One of his challenges was to create a Roxaboxen.  It was a family activity and we began our Roxaboxen.  We each made our own houses with a park in the middle.

I suggest reading the book first for inspiration.

Collect rocks, sticks, leaves, etc...

Create a city with roads, houses, stores, play money, etc...

Name the city and the stores.

The city can be added to whenever the child is inclined.  In the city, children can enjoy hours of imaginative play, being the mayor, selling ice cream, playing house and more.

During this time, it is probably best to build the city at home so the children can visit it often.

Roxaboxen is a true story and the city is still located in Yuma, AZ.








Go Fishing

Cut out fish shapes from cardstock or paper

Attach a paper clip to each one.

Tie a piece of yarn to the end of a stick 

Tie the end of the yarn to a Magna Tile or magnet.

Set the fish on the floor and have your child go fishing

For a boat, use a laundry basket.  Children can fish from their boat.

For an extra challenge, have each color be worth different points and have them get to 10 points or have them collect all the fish of one color.


Have a great week!!

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