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Sending love to all of our wonderful Sandy Hill families! Happy Earth Day on April 22nd! Happy Birthday to Nora Mulligan on April 23!


Miss Kacy’s weekly activities/ideas:

The letter of the week is “V” - Volcano, Vinegar, Velociraptor......


Lego Challenge

Build a volcano big enough to put a cup inside so you can explode it!


Lego, Small Cup, Baking Soda, Vinegar, Dish Soap, Red Food Coloring. 

Alternative idea- Use an old Bell Pepper with the core taken out. 

Then you have Vegetable Vinegar Volcano!


Dino Eggs


Sand (or Dirt), Baking Soda, Coffee Grounds, Food Coloring, Small Dinosaurs. 

Add a little water until it can form a ball. 

Pack Dinos in the middle of a scoop of the mixture. Roll into individual balls. 

Let dry for 3-5 hours

Secret Solution Materials:

Vinegar, Water, Spray Bottle, Droppers, or Turkey Baster. 

When eggs are dry, put in a large tray or go outside to discover what is inside the Dinosaur eggs.



Create a home for your Dinosaurs!


Shoebox, Paint, Clay or Model Magic or Playdough, Plant Trimmings, Leaves, Sticks, Ferns...

Paint the background of the Shoebox.

Add the landscape. Volcanos, Put a little clay at the bottom of the greens to hold it up for trees. 

Add your Dinos and play!


Guessing Game

(Inspired by Ms Ester)

Have your family get out old photo albums and try to guess who each person is and how they might be related to you. 

Ask questions, remember silly stories, re-connect with loved ones. 

Most of our photos are digital now, if you don't have albums, go through photos on the computer. If you have some from this school year, go through with your child, reflect on the friends and fun stories from Sandy Hill. 

Mosaic Art



Miss Erin's weekly activities/ideas:


V is for Vegetables 

*Make a vegetable collage 

 1. Cut out pictures of veggies from magazines     or the newspaper adds from grocery stores

2. Paste on paper or cardboard; can also cut out a V shape from the paper or cardboard and then paste 




Book Suggestion: 

growing vegetable soup by lois ehlert





Make a Trash Sorting Activity Game for Earth Day, Wednesday April 22nd 










Miss Shani's weekly activities/ideas:


Make Friends

Get a long piece of paper (as big as you are).  

Lay down on the paper and have parent draw the outline of you.

Color in the friend.  Give them hair, face, clothes, etc...

Give the friend a name

Write things on the paper about what you like about your friend,

Here is a picture of my friend's children: 


Me Doll

You can also make a Me doll if you have fabric and a sewing machine (or just a needle and thread).  Have child lay down on fabric.  Outline and cut out.  Sew together and stuff with pillow stuffing.  Make the Me doll look like your child.  Give them the same color hair with yarn or fabric, add buttons for eyes., draw on a mouth and nose.  Find some of your child's old clothes to dress your Me doll in.  Here is our Me doll from 17 years ago.  As you can tell, he has been very loved.







Alphabet book

Come up with activities to do that start with each letter.  When the child is doing the activity take a picture.  Print pictures and have the child write the letter on each page.  Put them all together to make an alphabet book.  Activities can be short and simple where you complete in 1 day or more in-depth where you only do 1 or 2 a day.  Below are just a few examples.

A - Act - make a play

B - Bake a cake

C - Crayon melting

D - Dance party

E - Exercise

F - Follow the leader

G - Garden

H - Hat Party

I -  Ice cream sundaes

J - Jump rope

K - Fly a kite

L - Make Lemonade

M - Magic tricks

N - Nighttime walk with flashlights

O - Origami

P - Parade

Q - Quack like ducks

R - Red light, green light

S - Simon Says

T - Tea Party

U - Make your own universe with stars, planets, moons, etc...

V - Make volcanos with baking soda and vinegar

W - Go for a walk

X - X marks the spot.  Make a treasure map

Y - Yoga

Z - Make a zoo

Have fun!!


Miss Susi’s weekly activities/ideas:

Weekly Activities:  April 20, 2020

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