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Ideas from Ms. Erin

    Zebra Shaving Cream Marbling


Shaving Cream

Black dye or paint

Cotton swab or end of a paint brush

White paper

Cookie Sheet

Check out how to create on





Ms. Erin Book Recommendation 

“A Zebra’s World” by Caroline Arnold








Ideas from Ms. Kacy

Zig Zag Obstacle Course

Gather up hula hoops, jump ropes, cones, balls, whatever you have for sports equipment. You don't "need" any of these things. Use a piece of rope to balance on. Use tape or chalk to mark spots where you jump on one foot. 

Following 3 simple directions is an important cognitive skill for 4/5 year olds.


Have your child help design and set up an obstacle course outside.


Here are some activities you might want to incorporate as long as it is fun!

Some developmental large motor skills for ages 4-5: 

Demonstrate around, over, under, down, up, and through concepts

Ride and steer a tricycle 

Climb stairs and ladders using alternate feet

Push, pull, and steer wheeled toys successfully

Balance and hop on one foot

Begin skipping

Roll, toss, catch, bounce, and kick a ball

Walk on a line



Link to live cams at San Diego Zoo

Have them watch and observe. How do they eat? What do you see them doing that is something humans do too? How do you think they feel about not having people watching them at the zoo?


Zoom Talent Show

This one would take a little bit of planning but it’s a fun way to incorporate some excitement. Tell everyone ahead of time that they can plan for a Zoom Talent Show. You can decide the rules but I would definitely make a time limit of 30 seconds to 1 minute for their talent demonstration to get through the whole class. After each talent show entry, students can give a “silent cheer” to show their support since they are all muted during the “performance”.

Zero by Kathryn Otoshi






One by Kathryn Otoshi








Science experiment


1 cup hot water

4-5 Tlbs Borax

Clear container

Food coloring

Heat up the water. Dissolve the Borax, adding a Tablespoon at a time to the hot water and stir. The water has absorbed all it can when you see borax that won't dissolve on the bottom of container. (saturation)

Pour liquid into a clear container that you will leave undisturbed. 

Hang a curled up pipe cleaner from a chop stick or skewer with string and let soak in the liquid for 48 hours. You can also add shells to the bottom of the container, just know they will get stuck and you have to pry them off after.

(If you don't have Borax you can do the same sort of experiment with sugar.) 

Rock candy

1 cup water

4 cups sugar

String or Wood skewers

Heat up the water. Dissolve the Sugar, adding a 1/4 cup at a time to the hot water and stir. The water has absorbed all it can when you see sugar that won't dissolve on the bottom of container. As soon as you reach a boil, remove from heat. Let cool for at least 1 hour. 

Soak string or skewers in water. Roll in sugar to create the "seed" for the crystals to grow on. Hang string or place sticks in container of sugar water and let crystals grow. This takes a little longer, about 1 week to form your rock candy.



Ideas from Ms Jessica:

Zig Zag Art. Materials needed: glue, scissors, colorful paper. Cut strips of paper from colorful paper. Try to cut different lengths and widths. Some can be super skinny, some a bit wider, some long and some short. Glue them around your paper, making the letter Z each time. Before you know it, you’ll have an awesome, colorful piece of art! 


Zip-a-Dee-Do-Dah...Family sing along! As I thought about fun activities for the letter Z, the song Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah kept popping into my head. (Actually, it wouldn’t stop!!) All you need for this activity is your singing voice! You could have a family singing contest, or a family sing-along. Just have fun :) 


Read aloud: If I Ran The Zoo, by Dr. Seuss






Ideas from Ms. Shani

This isn't really a weekly activity but more of an at home tip,  We are eating A LOT of meals at home and going through food quite quickly.  And running out of meal ideas.  We have come up with a new system.  We have posted lists on our refrigerator.  They are for meals, food, and to go food.  If you think of a meal you would like to have, you add it to the meal list. When I see the meal requested, I see what we have for supplies and then add those that we don't have to the list.   And if you think of any snacks or other food items, add those to the food list.  Or if you notice we are getting low on something, add it to the list.  Our last list is restaurants for to go food.  If there is something you want, add it to the list. Everyone has their favorite meals and food and it helps me to know what everyone wants and to make sure we get everything when we go on our limited shopping trips.   My kids are older and can write in their own requests.  For younger kids, you can just ask them what they would like for food or meals and add it to the list.  My kids have actually really enjoyed this system and it works well when you are going to the market.  I also write next to each item of where I will be getting it from (Trader Joe's, Sprouts, Costco, etc...).


Have a great week!!

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