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Our Unique Campus

A magical place for all

Be Wild & Free

Though we are unaffiliated with the fellowship, Sandy Hill Nursery School is located on the beautiful campus of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of San Dieguito. The campus is full of sculpture, areas for quiet reflection, and natural wonders, as we share the space with the flora and fauna of the hills of Solana Beach, California. 

In this location, children have a hard time resisting the details of the world around them, sussing out treasures high and low. We can't promise you won't find pinecones and interesting pebbles in your student's backpack regularly!

Children use the natural environment of Sandy Hill to develop their fine and gross motor skills. Navigating terrain, sorting pine needles, stringing beads and stomping around pretending to be dinosaurs are all common activities as our campus smoothly becomes part of the children's imaginative play.

A Place For Families

"When we were looking for preschools, we wanted something that offered outdoor space. Sandy Hill not only checked that box, but gave the kids the freedom to be outdoors and indoors as they please." 

-Maggie Yu, Luana's Mom

“One of the reasons I chose Sandy Hill is because of the school’s beautiful setting and the teachers’ interest in fostering appreciation for the natural world.  I love that they let the kids get dirty at school.”

-Lauren Choe, Rey's Mom

"Sandy Hill's outdoor space is a wonder. It always leads to incredible discoveries and endless adventures. Even the walk to the car is an endless adventure!"

-Barrett Brown, Ryan's Dad

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