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The Sandy Hill Child

Children, come explore life with gentle guidance. A romp through a field is as valuable as reading a story. Watching a bird becomes a lesson in joy and flight. Water play is learning to interact, express, and love. Music and movement reflect feelings. You are free to grow. Your young mind is a cause for celebration.

The Whole Child

Our focus is on developing the whole child - emotionally, socially, physically, cognitively, and creatively. Though nursery school interaction occurs on the simplest level, it is taken very seriously and handled with great care. For this reason, we strive to support each child's own special interests and establish an approach to learning that's exciting and fun.

Growing Through Play

Children respond to our warm, supportive environment where they're free to assert their independence. The day is full of opportunities to succeed and develop a strong sense of self. Intellectual growth and natural curiosity are treasured and encouraged through sensory experiences which introduce new concepts.

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