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Family Participation Opportunities

Families are what make Sandy Hill exceptional and unique! If you volunteer to participate, please understand that the school counts on you- you are the magic. Embrace your volunteer role, pour yourself into it, and know how much you are contributing to the experiences of Sandy Hill's children! 

Room Parent

The room parent is the liaison between the families in a class and the teachers of the class and Sandy Hill staff.


Responsibilities include:​

  • Communicate with teacher and parents in class regarding classroom events, teacher needs, and school needs.

  • Coordinate chaperones for field trips, suppling teacher with list 2 days before field trips. 

  • Check in with teachers weekly to see what they may need help coordinating.

EDC Support & Supplies (3)

The EDC support & supplies team ensures our lovely Sandy Hill teachers can all attend their critical staff meetings each month while you supervise the kids in the extended day care (EDC) program on the playground. You will also make sure EDC stays supplied with all the goodies like paper and markers that the kids need. 

EDC support & supplies team responsibilities:

  • Ensure playground rules are being enforced. 

  • Supervise children on playground from 12:30 – 2:30 the first Tuesday of each month during staff meetings.  

  • Supervise children on playground during parent teacher conferences 4 times per year. 

  • Supervise children on playground during professional development days 4 times/year. 

  • Maintain EDC supply box monthly with paper and markers (solicit for recycled paper).  

  • Put caps on pens, replace old pens with new pens, replace tape dispensers, etc…

  • Enrolled children and older children are able to attend with you, but please leave younger siblings at home.

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